Central MN’s Premier Lawn Care Company

Helping Grow Healthy Lawns Since 1985

Our professionalism and dedication to quality service is backed up by 30 years of experience and hundreds of positive reviews from your friends and neighbors here in Cold Spring as well as other locations across Central MN. When you hire Total Lawn Care, you can rest assured that you will receive quality service from professionally trained and certified Applicators who will not quit until the job is done right.

At Total Lawn Care we custom blend our own fertilizer specifically for Central MN Soils. We add organic products and trace minerals that free up nutrients that are tied up in the soil. During the hot part of the summer, we add organic products that reduce stress to soil caused by heat and humidity.

During the hot and humid summer months we add an organic product that reduces the amount of stress on your lawn, making it easy to maintain a fuller, healthier, and greener lawn all year round.

The End Result of our TLC program is a healthier and greener lawn that will require less mowing than if you were to use a program that relies on fertilizer alone

The Total Lawn Care Program is designed to maintain your lawn’s color and vigor while minimizing weeds throughout the growing season. We know that all lawns are different and require special attention from season to season. That’s why our applications are seasonally adjusted to your lawn’s needs and are made about 5-6 weeks apart.  Our trained lawn technicians will work with you to maintain the quality lawn you expect and your neighbors get jealous about. Great lawns need continuous care, that’s why we consider everyone not just a customer, but a partner. Our Total Lawn Care applications do an excellent job when coupled with your good mowing and watering.

Our Services Include:

  • Liquid Application
  • Dry Application
  • Phosphorus Free
  • Guaranteed Weed Control
  • Guaranteed Grub Control
  • Guaranteed Ant Control
  • Guaranteed Crab Grass Control Seeding
  • Core Aeration