Lawn Care Tips

Dear TLC Customer:

We’d like to thank you for using our service in 2015 and we look forward to working with you for many more years to come! Many of you will be glad to hear that we are now accepting credit card payments by phone in 2016.

For the past several years, along with fertilizing, we have been using products that keep your lawn healthy and green while minimizing the clippings it produces. The end result is that you will not need to mow your lawn as often as you would if we were simply fertilizing it.

We will be using Hydro-Hume again this year, which frees up nutrients that otherwise would not have been available to the plant. It also builds up organic matter in the soil and creates more contacting points for the fertilizer to bind to which allows the fertilizer to remain available to the plant longer. We are also continuing the use of RENOVA® to minimize heat/draught stress and fungal problems during the hot humid months.

We are still using CORON® fertilizer during the hot summer months. This product is a low to no burn fertilizer that is 70% slow release. It does not volatilize (evaporate) so you won’t lose any of the products nutritional value. If it’s dry, it will remain available until moisture comes. We use this product in our third treatment (mid-summer application). If you are presently not scheduled for this treatment, we strongly recommend adding it to your program. Your lawn will look much better throughout the summer if you do. This product will also help your lawn do better with less water.

I’ve noticed many irrigated lawns are being over-watered. If you water too often, turf roots don’t have to grow deep because there is always moisture near the surface. Over-watering can also promote fungal diseases. When it’s cool watering once or twice a week should be plenty. Remember that watering too often doesn’t help your lawn. You would be better off watering your lawn twice as long and half as often (i.e. ½ hour per zone every 4th day vs. 15 min. per zone every other day). When it’s hot, every other day could be necessary.

Core aeration is the best tool to manage thatch. It also loosens soil which allows roots to grow deeper into the ground. The microorganisms in the soil from the cores that are pulled help to decompose thatch. We recommend core aeration every 2-3 years for seeded lawns and sodded lawns annually. We offer core aeration in spring & fall and can quote you a price over the phone.

Grub worms could be a problem again this year. Most grub worms are in the second stage of development. They are easier to kill in the second year than they will be next year. If you have had grubs in your lawn in the past three years, chances are good you’ll have them again this year. We charge the same as a weed and feed application for a “preventative” grub treatment in May or June. Just write “Add Grub” to your contract if you’d like that scheduled. If you wait until grub damage shows up in July or August, a “rescue treatment” is needed and it would cost 60% more due to the higher cost of product.

Ants, ticks, and spiders have also been a big problem the last several years. We use a liquid polymer insecticide that has residual qualities that prolong its effect for up to two months. The cost for this treatment is also the same as a weed/feed application. Just mark your contract “Add Ant” if you’d like this scheduled for late May or early June. You may need a second application later in the summer for season long control.

We also offer season-long mosquito control. The mosquito program would be two or three applications done in late May or June and again in late July or August. We could do a third application if/when you have an event scheduled or any time you would like it done. Let us know if you’re interested in getting a quote.

We offer a late fall vole treatment in October/November. If you have vole damage this spring, most often you can lightly rake the “trash” (chewed grass left in their trails) early in the spring with a broom rake and the grass should come back from the roots. If you don’t rake the “trash” early, it can mat down and kill some of the grass. This treatment costs the same as a weed/feed treatment. Mark your contract “Add Vole” if you’d like done.

As always let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your lawn. If we can’t answer them over the phone we’d be happy to come and check it out. We can be reached at 320-685-4131 or 888-529-6852.

I really think you’re going to be happy with the results you’ll see with the additional products we’ve added to your program.

Once again, thanks for using Total Lawn Care. We really do appreciate your business!

Tom Griffin, owner
Total Lawn Care, Inc.